What I’ve Been Watching/Reading – December 2017

Merry Belated Christmas and Happy Fucking New Year, you loathsome bastards. Tired of me posting nothing but What I’ve Been Watching/Reading posts? Well, don’t you worry–I’ve got a couple of Top 5 lists in the works that should be finished during the first week of February. Plus, I’ve made it a New Year’s goal (I call them ‘goals’ because ‘resolutions’ are for normies) to write at least twice as many blog posts as I did last year. Considering that I started the blog about halfway through the year, that shouldn’t be a very difficult thing to do, but I digress. I’m in my last semester of high school right now, so it’s about time I stop being an indolent clod and shape the hell up. That goes for all aspects of my life, including this shitty blog. Prepare yourselves, because 2018 is about to be the Year of Thiccness, whatever that might entail. But for now, I present to you the list of What I’ve Been Watching/Reading in December of 2017Continue reading


What I’ve Been Watching/Reading – November 2017

I’ve run out of ideas on how to start these monthly posts, and I don’t feel like putting forth any actual effort. Besides, this post is already long overdue–December is pretty much over and I’m still stuck talking about November. Well, fuck it–this is What I’ve Been Watching/Reading in November of 2017Continue reading

YoungThicc69’s Top 10 Waifus (2017)

I started this blog with the intention of making it anime-and-manga-centric, with a few posts about movies and comics here and there. But so far, it’s mostly been film reviews. My bad. It’s time to shake things up a bit. That’s right, clods, we’re sinking straight down to rock bottom; the following is a list is dedicated to all those special ladies who dominate my google drive storage space. These are YoungThicc69’s Top Ten Waifus (as of 2017).  Continue reading

Watership Down (1978) Review

The 1978 British animated film Watership Down, based on the Richard Adams novel of the same name, is widely recognized as one of the darkest children’s movies ever made. While this label isn’t inaccurate, I feel that the film is too often overshadowed by how “violent and gory” it supposedly is or how it “traumatized an entire generation of children”.  Seriously? I might not be a child in late-70’s England, but I doubt that claim is anything more than hyper-exaggeration.  Continue reading