The Top 5 Best Anime I Saw In 2017

My overall consumption of anime in 2017, in comparison to previous years, was a little lackluster. I was so focused on expanding my horizons in the world of live-action films that I completely fell behind when it came to anime. There are numerous shows I’ve talked about in my What I’ve Been Watching/Reading series over the past several months but still haven’t finished. Hopefully, I’ll put a stop to all of that nonsense in 2018. Hopefully.  Continue reading


YoungThicc69’s Top 10 Waifus

I started this blog with the intention of making it anime-and-manga-centric, with a few posts about movies and comics here and there. But so far, it’s mostly been film reviews. My bad. It’s time to shake things up a bit. That’s right, clods, we’re sinking straight down to rock bottom; the following is a list is dedicated to all those special ladies who dominate my google drive storage space. These are YoungThicc69’s Top Ten Waifus (as of 2017).  Continue reading

Sitting Around Watching Lupin III Until I Die

I absolutely adore Lupin III. Since July of last year, I’ve slowly but surely been making my way through this long-running anime classic. I wish I’d started this blog last year so I could have tracked my progress with the series from the beginning, but I suppose this post will have to make up for that.  Continue reading